Shining the Light on the Vikings at Santa Rosa Symphony // San Francisco Classical Voice

... In the case of pianist Philippe Bianconi, the partial absorption made the individual notes more distinct, but not at the expense of a grippingly resonant sound. Under his fingers, the Grieg concerto's famous opening chords rang out, immediately drawing the audience into the hyper-Romantic, 19th-century work. Bianconi sat ramrod-straight on the bench, but his arms, wrists and fingers were a model of flexibility and fluidity. He had a crisp, feathery touch, and he lifted his arms frequently in the air.

Prochain rendez-vous

Mardi 3 mai : Angoulême
Récital Chopin

French virtuoso and BPO bring nonstop excitement to massive ‘Rach 3’ // The Buffalo News

What a concert it is. Bianconi is playing Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3. In the right hands, the "Rach 3" brings the house down.
And on Saturday, Bianconi showed he was the man for the job...
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A giant musical footprint // The Blade

Still, the best lay just ahead, after intermission: Rachmaninoff's most fearsome yet stunning Piano Concerto No. 3, with Philippe Bianconi at the Orser Steinway in his Toledo Symphony debut. If somewhat unassuming seated at the keyboard before the downbeat, Bianconi asserted himself immediately, rippling out the haunting opening theme with Gallic panache and certitude. It soon became clear this soloist would leave a giant musical footprint on this Rach-fest evening.

Monterey Symphony – “Merriment”

There were no wasted motions in Bianconi's performance – it was totally organic and a delight both to hear and to see.

"Philippe Bianconi played with immense power" // Bachtrack.com (Sydney)

"Philippe Bianconi played the piano with immense power, and attacked Brahms Concerto No.2 with abandon, almost throwing himsel into it".

Philippe Bianconi led the audience on a magnificient journey through Brahms' Piano Concerto No.1 // Artshub.com (Melbourne)

Under Oleg Caetani's direction, guest soloist Philippe Bianconi led the audience on a magnificent journey through Brahms' Piano Concerto No.1.

Bianconi commands a lucidly singing tone // Madison Magazine

"Philippe Bianconi commands a lucidly singing tone, liquid and alive, and transparent technique".

Philippe Bianconi: "Love is very mysterious" // CityPULSE

Guest pianist Philippe Bianconi plunges into a sea of Brahms with Lansing Symphony Orchestra.

Philippe Bianconi // Classical music Q&A

Philippe Bianconi explains why his favorite Beethoven piano concerto is No.4 on Classical music Q&A. (March 26, 2012)

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